Discover the Vibrant History of The Three Rivers Singers

In the year 2000, the melodious journey of The Three Rivers Singers commenced on a unique note. Born from the ashes of the disbanded Rome Symphony Chorus, this remarkable community chorus has since evolved into a harmonious ensemble of approximately 75 members. While retirees form the heart of our chorus, we also embrace the energy and talent of younger singers and students.

Harmony in Diversity

At The Three Rivers Singers, our strength lies in our diverse composition. We harmoniously weave together seasoned retirees and the vibrancy of youth, creating a chorus that resonates with unique depth and richness. This diversity is the heart of our musical experience, one that transcends generations, forging connections through the power of harmonious voices.


A Musical Odyssey

Each year, The Three Rivers Singers invites you on a captivating journey through three to four enchanting concerts, hosted at various venues. Our repertoire spans a wide spectrum of musical masterpieces like John Rutter’s poignant ‘Requiem.’ These aren’t just concerts; they are immersive trips through time that enchant audiences. From festive Christmas Carols to timeless love songs, our performances are stories that transcend generations. World famous vocalists have joined the chorus as soloists, as have emerging stars. A contingent of Three Rivers Singers performed at Carnegie Hall in 2022.

Board of Directors

Virginia McChesney

Vice President
Gary Barton

Recording Secretary
Barbara Elliott

Corresponding Secretary
Beth Dorsey

Bill Goff

Assistant Treasurer
Lora Lee Stewart

Linda Rhodes

Board Members

Kristina Connell
Dennis Johnston
Katharine Lovvorn
Jan Rhodes
Robert Steinbruegge
Anna Taylor
Deana Wallace

Accompanist, Ex Officio

Joan Hill

Director Emeritus & Ex Officio
Len Willingham

Mission Statement

The mission of The Three Rivers Singers is to provide the Northwest Georgia community with performances of excellent choral music in a variety of styles and genres while offering all interested persons the opportunity to share their musical talents with the ensemble.
Virginia McChesney, President of the Three Rivers Singers, leading with passion and dedication.
Virginia McChesney, President of the Three Rivers Singers, leading with passion and dedication.


The Appalachian Trail
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Lyrics by Gary Barton, musical composition by Keith Reaves, choral arrangement by Eric McDowell, and choral performance by The Three Rivers Singers of Rome, Georgia.
Rome Sweet Home
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Lyrics and musical composition by Eric McDowell, and choral performance by The Three Rivers Singers of Rome, Georgia.

Handel's Messiah
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The Rome Symphony Orchestra and the Three Rivers Singers performed Handel’s Messiah at the Rome City Auditorium.

Deana M. WallaceChoir Member
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"How excited I was when the Rome Symphony Chorus was formed in the fall of 1980! This was my first time to be in a community choral group since I had returned to Rome several years earlier. After 20 years, the Rome Symphony was no longer able to sponsor our group, and we organized the Three Rivers Singers. We have enjoyed singing a wide variety of music for 23 years. Members of our group come from Rome and a number of other towns. We love to sing, and we want to continue giving choral performances of various types of music. Doing so is a real joy."
Daniel BlackburnChoir Member
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"Singing with The Three Rivers Singers is an honor… We are able to provide the gift of music to our community."
Marie Kindred
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"The Three Rivers Singers community concerts are therapy sessions for the soul."